worse than everybody's aunt (flax) wrote in undergroundicon,
worse than everybody's aunt

well, your mother wears army boots.

I have no idea how many of you have seen this show (I'm guessing, like, two), but I've been getting the series DVDs from Netflix and wanted to make some icons. Don't worry, the Good Night, And Good Luck. icons will happen eventually ... it's just that I've been having trouble picking which shots I want to icon, which ones work, what style to use, that kind of thing. :)

01; 02; 03;
04; 05; 06;
07; 08; 09;
10; 11; 12;

-Please comment if you take any.
-Give credit to undergroundicon or flax in keywords.
-I like suggestions for things to icon, because I am lazy and uncreative!
-Go rent this show! If you like hilarious/bad/awesome 80s action anime, you won't be disappointed.
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