worse than everybody's aunt (flax) wrote in undergroundicon,
worse than everybody's aunt

long time no see!

Hallo! I haven't been posting icons because I feel like most of the icons I've been making for myself aren't really up to the quality I'd want for icons I post publicly, and I usually don't make enough to put into a post, anyway. But it's summer, I still haven't got a job, and consequently I have lots of free time for making icons.

What would you like to see icons of here? I'm pretty well back into Star Wars right now, but I don't know if I feel like making many more icons from it, and of course it's not exactly in vogue right now. So I'm thinking something else. Do any of you have suggestions? No dam' video games, please. :)

Also, I'd like to do some themed stock photography sets, but I'm not sure what theme.

And would anyone be interested in a "the first fifteen people to comment to this post get two random interest icons!" sort of meme? I'm not sure even how active most of the people watching this journal are anymore.
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