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that first step is a doozy

icons by octoberine
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this journal is now on hiatus. you can still use the icons here; please just comment on one post to let me know if you plan on going back through old entries. new icons will be posted publicly in flax if you're interested. thanks!

rules for use of my icons:
-comment to let me know if you take one. or two. or all of them. whatever. it helps me to know which ones, too.
-if you're going back through old entries, you needn't comment on every entry you take icons from. please just leave one comment. :)
-unless otherwise stated, credit either flax in the keyword or comments of the icon when you use it.
-if you are using them on some other journal site (greatestjournal, deadjournal et. al.), credit to "octoberine@lj" or something to that effect.
-unless otherwise stated, all icons are for shared use.
-you may customise any icons you find here, but please let me know if you do it.
-no requests, please.
-please don't claim that you made any of them.
-i do so enjoy feedback on my icons! it helps me make better icons, in the long run.
-if you want to affiliate with me, just drop me a comment with the name of your journal. once i've okayed you and you have a link back, then you'll be added to the list.
-still not clear on something? ask!

affiliates and other cool icon journals: