worse than everybody's aunt (flax) wrote in undergroundicon,
worse than everybody's aunt

long time no see!

Hallo! I haven't been posting icons because I feel like most of the icons I've been making for myself aren't really up to the quality I'd want for icons I post publicly, and I usually don't make enough to put into a post, anyway. But it's summer, I still haven't got a job, and consequently I have lots of free time for making icons.

What would you like to see icons of here? I'm pretty well back into Star Wars right now, but I don't know if I feel like making many more icons from it, and of course it's not exactly in vogue right now. So I'm thinking something else. Do any of you have suggestions? No dam' video games, please. :)

Also, I'd like to do some themed stock photography sets, but I'm not sure what theme.

And would anyone be interested in a "the first fifteen people to comment to this post get two random interest icons!" sort of meme? I'm not sure even how active most of the people watching this journal are anymore.
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Star Wars would be cool :)

I think stock photography is a good idea, and I would say World Cup icons but I think I have enough already lmfao. It seems like a lot of people are into icons of TV shows like Grey's Anatomy and stuff. I'm not really a help, I'm sorry :/
I would love to see some Age of Sail icons. >.> Horatio Hornblower,`
eck my cat hit the enter key.

...Horatio Hornblower, Master and Commander, Pirates of the Caribbean (especially new movies!), pirates in general, ships in general. Mm, yes.

Then again I am a huge fan of stock photography. What about writing utensils or something architectural like interesting doors, windows, etc?


11 years ago

I'm also for Stargate, both SG-1 and Atlantis, but I've got a really odd obsession with 24. Oh, and House too!
Oui oui to the two random interest icons meme! And as for suggestions for icons, hmmm, how about Coupling, Almost Famous, High Fidelity, or Studio Ghibli? I've looked for icons for all of those and only found crap ones.
I'm always on the look out for lotr and sw icons. and yes to the meme question!
Is your username a reference to the People of Haleth who lived in Brethil in The Silmarillion? *huge Haleth fan*


11 years ago

Deleted comment

it's nice to have you back! yes; i'd be interestred in that kind of meme. aaand, um. maybe firefly icons? doctor who is also kind of fantastic. as for themed stock icons, i say go for it. not sure what i'd like them to be of though.
I'd like some V For Vendetta icons, if you can be persuaded. =)
Oooo, how about horsey icons? I have no decent horsey icons and no clue where to find some. I would love some of horses, and even some of tack or riding boots or apparrel.

Glad you're back!
i'm always glad to see icons from you, no matter what of.
also, i just noticed how many of your icons are kenya themed! hooray for more kenya love. if you wanted to make kenya icons, i'd eat them up i'd love them so.
I'd definitely be up for the meme idea!
*Belatedly adds a "yes" to the interest meme idea*
Oh hey wait, I missed this post. Oh please oh pleeeaaase do the interest icon meme! :O